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Provision Map Dashboard

Monitor inclusive education across all your schools

Provision Map Dashboard has been designed for senior staff in Federations, Academy Chains, Local Authorities and other cooperating groups of schools to monitor provision across the schools that are using Provision Map Writer.


Provision Map Dashboard provides a strategic overview of all schools in the organisation through analysis of:

  • the cost-effectiveness of provision and interventions
  • how additional resources are allocated to all pupils
  • strengths and weaknesses in provision
  • with a “live" dataset that draws on schools’ Provision Map Writer data, the organisation can monitor the effectiveness of its provision and ensure good practice across all its schools.


  • Define groups of schools for analysis, e.g “Primary”, “Secondary”, “North”, “South” etc.
  • Schools can belong to any number of analysis groups
  • Analyse/audit needs across the organisation, e.g level of need by year group, ethnicity etc.
  • Analyse use of budgets
  • View Provision Map for whole organisation, selected school groups, individual year groups, ethnic groups etc.
  • Analyse provision by pupil characteristic across the organisation e.g. which groups receive the most/least resources
  • Analyse outcomes of interventions across the organisation to enable dissemination of good practice e.g which interventions work best; which pupil groups receive the most effective provision


  • Provision Map Dashboard is a secure website; all data is encrypted over the internet
  • No pupil names are visible and no pupils are identifiable
  • Can be accessed via a SIMS Learning Gateway webpart or Remote Access interface if required

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