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Using Provision Map Writer at Marlborough School Science College, Hertfordshire

Sue Robinson, Head of Learning Support Faculty/ SENCo/ Specialist Teacher

Can Provision Map Writer benefit all the pupils in your school?

Because the whole school roll is imported in to Provision Map Writer from SIMS, any student for whom provision is made - however small - can be highlighted through PMW. Also, any student experiencing a short term difficulty can be added - or removed - as necessary. The program has also made me consider what SEN does for the school - as opposed to what the school does for SEN - and it has ensured all activities, support and interventions above and beyond the norm are highlighted to all staff. It has also made us consider a wider range of interventions when supporting students.

How have you used Provision Map Writer to show you are meeting the additional needs of all pupils?

On the occasions when we have been asked to provide evidence of support interventions, it has been totally successful in proving what provision is in place for students. It is also worth mentioning that because interventions are set up in the program, it means we are less likely to overlook what we have done; trying to recall certain areas of information 'off the top of one's head' can be difficult; with PMW the interventions are there, in the Whole School Provision Map providing 'the big picture' and in the Intervention Records and Individual Provision Maps. It also means that on rare occasions when a student might be over-looked, interventions and support can be quickly provided and the situation rectified.

How are you using Provision Map Writer to manage inclusive education in your school?

I am setting up the Provision Map Writer to completely replace our current IEP system of managing, monitoring and assessing interventions for SEN students, although it could be used alongside IEPs if schools wanted to retain those for some students such as those at School Action Plus or students with Statements. In addition I use it to provide evidence for any student receiving an intervention, not just SEN students, so any student receiving additional support is recorded and tracked, not just the students who previously had IEPs. Once students, staff and interventions have been entered on to the whole school provision map the targets that have been set within the interventions for individual students are also dropped into the Individual Provision Map. A review date can be set for these Individual Provision Maps. In the first instance, I personally reviewed targets - in conjunction with one or two Teaching Assistants. This is now being rolled out to all members of the SEN Department; they, in turn, will involve faculties and individual teachers. The intention is that every member of staff who has any dealing with a student will be able to comment/review and add ideas and targets for individual learning. It is also intended that the Provision Map will provide a 'running record' of a student's learning, achievements and areas for development. It is hoped that this will replace the need for Round Robins for staff or the need to collect data about students for outside agencies or for Statement Reviews. Logically, all the necessary information will be contained in the student's Map (review and targets). IEPs were reviewed 6 monthly and contained about 3 targets. I hope to set students one target that will be reviewed every 6-8 weeks. Some of these targets may remain for a long time - or throughout a student's school career if need be i.e. confidence/self esteem related ideas, while others, such as learning a specific piece of maths, might be removed when achieved; to keep a target would be for it to act as a reminder. An email address for parents has been set up and they are able to communicate directly with us regarding ideas for targets that they think appropriate, that they can support at home and that are useful, useable and achievable to us, them and the student. This brief outline shows how the provision for learning for individual students can be completely personalised, making it relevant and wholly inclusive.

Why does your school need to prioritise inclusive education?

This is a priority for all schools and a right for students. Teachers constantly need to be updated regarding specific needs and make consideration for a variety of need, not only within the classroom and in school, but also when organising off site activities. Provision Map Writer acts as a 'memory jogger', particularly when review reminders are set at frequent intervals for identified individuals.

What are the key benefits for pupils of using Provision Map Writer?

I have invited pupils to have their own input to their individual map. They can use it to celebrate achievements or to raise issues (this is done with me at present and typed directly onto the review sheet). I will develop this so students can email comments, therefore making sure necessary information is kept confidential but enabling the student to write exactly what they want. A further benefit is that the students appear to believe the individual map is more 'theirs', where as it seemed the IEPs were just pieces of paper - sometimes they didn't appear to know what they were for, even though this was explained many times. Another benefit has been a general 'word of mouth'. Although it has been down to me to input and set targets, general discussion around the program has led to a raised awareness. Provision Mapping has also been discussed during INSET. During a recent Ofsted Inspection, specific data was requested by a number of teachers and Senior Management; I was able to provide this quickly and efficiently.

What are the key benefits for Governors of using Provision Map Writer?

So far, the system has only been discussed with the Governor responsible for SEN. An outspoken man, he raised some challenging questions; I was able to justify all questions to his satisfaction.

What are the key benefits for parents of using Provision Map Writer?

Having just held a workshop for Y7 parents re SEN, I can confirm that, after certain questions were asked, parents could see the value of the system. I have received comments as to how much more clearly the evidence of the previous year's work (additional support) has been presented. Parents have said they felt 'less confused' and that the information presented was easily understood. All parents are aware of the system, via the school news letter as well as by individual requests for useful and workable targets for students. A specific email address has been set up solely for the purpose of communicating regarding provision and intervention.

What are the key benefits for senior management of using Provision Map Writer?

I have been involved with numerous workshops and meetings where specific data on students has been required. In these instances, PMW has proved invaluable, not only by providing necessary data, but also allowing me to justify why certain groups of need are large - or small, particularly with regard to involvement of outside agencies and specific diagnoses.

What are the key benefits for Ofsted and your Local Authority of using Provision Map Writer?

The Local Authority is advocating the use of provision mapping as a means of ensuring inclusive education for all students. Staff in the Authority have suggested how important the system will be once fully implemented.

What are the key benefits for outside agencies and advisors of using Provision Map Writer?

The PMW has proved its worth during a recent application for additional support from an outside agency; I was told it was due to the record keeping and evidence sent that Panel agreed to the provision. Had they only considered the referral - as they would have previously - the student concerned would not have received the correct support. Certain agencies, such as the ASD Advisory Service, S&L and Links Rapid Response, have had direct input into targets set for students within Provision Map Writer.

What about higher ability pupils and other groups of pupils needing particular interventions? How do they benefit?

I am currently liaising with the member of SLT responsible for ensuring needs are met for G&T students. This area will be able to be explained more fully after the update of G&T students who will then be added to the Inclusion Register.

How have you used Provision Map Writer to show you are using your budget effectively to manage additional needs?

I have not used this part of the programme, although this has been discussed with the Finance Manager. When fully set up, liaison will take place and it is hoped that this will be used in conjunction with staffing provision throughout the whole school. In terms of budget for the PMW itself, this was initially funded through the SEN department's yearly budget for resources. It was strongly felt that if a program could provide clearer information and involve the whole staff effectively, it would be worth beginning an entire new system within school. Thus, despite having the IEP writer programme, it was believed that, if adapted appropriately, PMW would fulfil all legal requirements on reporting. This was whole heartedly approved by SLT.

How have you used Provision Map Writer to show that the interventions you have provided are working?

Thus far this has been mainly through statement reviews. I hope to see more evidence of this when all staff are inputting 'next steps' and target suggestions, along with regular reviews.

When you have needed help how helpful has the support from Blue Hills been?

The Blue Hills support team have been extremely patient and helpful, whether the problem was technical or human error (on my part!). Issues and ideas have been discussed and implemented in order to make the system valuable to the school. My grateful thanks!

Would you recommend Provision map Writer to other schools? What would be the main reason?

I would definitely recommend PMW to other schools. The main reason would be in order to stream-line an often confusing system if providing intervention along with monitoring and assessment. If schools were communicating via the system, interventions could be continued and adapted through transition, streamlining many areas and providing consistency for students.

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