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Using Provision Map Writer at Sydenham School, Lewisham

John Drew, SENCo

How are you using Provision Map Writer to manage inclusive education in your school?

. To generate reports for the senior leadership team
. To generate a financial forecast of funding requirements
. To generate reports for parents on the Waves of Support available to their children and those that have been    put in place
. To provide information to the school's Data Officer and report Annual School Census data
. To provide information to the school's Inclusion Deputy Head
. To track the deployment of Teaching Assistants across the curriculum
. To manage support for students on the Code of Practice

How have you used Provision Map Writer to manage teaching assistants and other staff involved with delivering interventions?

. To match learning support to the entitlement set out for students with statements of special educational    needs
. To provide information to staff on the types of provision for students on the Code of Practice
. To inform all teaching colleagues of the needs of students in their teaching groups

Would you recommend Provision Map Writer to other schools? What would be the main reason?

Yes I would recommend without reservation. I am a member of the Secondary SENCO Forum for Lewisham and have been demonstrating the benefits of Provision Map Writer.

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