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Using Provision Map Writer at Warren Junior School, Barking and Dagenham

Jamie Bell, SENCo

How are you using Provision Map Writer to manage inclusive education in your school?

This is happening in a number of different stages as we roll out the use of PMW:-
1) The SENCO has audited SEN throughout the school and now has correct data inputed into PMW.
2) SENCO has audited timetables of support staff and what interventions take place and has now also given them a finish date and targets. This information is then fed back to the Inclusion team so that they are aware when the children can stop and start new interventions.
3) It has highlighted good practice in the school and has also shown where we need to develop.
4) The support staff are now in position to start using PMW as a diary and record for both their use of time and interventions.

Would you recommend Provision Map Writer to other schools? What would be the main reason?

Yes. It makes you audit your school SEN and evaluate what is working and what is not. The use of accurate data has been useful for filling in Local Authority and DSCF forms and has more than halved the time it takes to gather information.

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