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Foundation Stage Report Writer

Generate friendlier, more helpful pupil reports

Parents want to see informative, easy to understand reports on their child's Early Years Foundation Stage progress.

Foundation Stage Report Writer helps practitioners present the information and advice parents need, in a format that can be readily shared with a child.

Foundation Stage Report Writer is a website service you can access 24/7. We maintain the highest standards of data security and utilise the latest technologies. Your subscription ensures the benefits of a fully managed service are available to all staff - support, back-up and up to date content.


Build, retain and grow your school’s own unique bank of comments year after year. Utilise the comprehensive library of statements derived from the latest DfE documents, iniatives and guidelines.


Encourage teamwork and consistency. Work collaboratively on pupils' reports. Imports all pupil data required from any school management system. Archive and keep old reports if required.

Flexible formatting with automation built-in

Improve report presentation and save staff valuable time…

  • Choice of standard report formats or self-design reports.
  • Design reports tailored exactly to your school's needs.
  • Place subjects in any order and with any headings.
  • Format reports for font, style, size, underline, colour, bold.
  • Add your own logo to the front page of each  pupil's report.
  • Email reports to parents quickly, easily and securely.
  • Preview and print all previous as well as current reports for pupils.
  • Preview and print all reports for pupils who have left the school.

We have been extremely impressed with the email reports function. It has saved me and my team hours of work manually emailing!!!! It was simple to upload contact details and I liked the fact you can send to more than one contact. It was easy to understand and once you pressed 'Send', the emails arrived to the recipient quickly. I liked the report of undeliverable emails as this meant you could follow those up quickly.

Claire Bunker
Business Manager, Inmans Primary School

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Free 28 day trial on all our products

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£95 per year

For very small schools with under 100 pupils, please contact us for our small school discount rates.

Online benefits

  • All data is secure - no storage media to lose
  • Changes made once in admin are instantly applied to all users
  • Flexible remote access for teachers
  • Simultaneous collaboration on same report
  • Remote supervision features for new teachers
  • No time-consuming installations - just login and get started
  • Works on PCs, Apple Macs, iPads, Tablets and all internet browsers

Free 28 day trial for all products. For more call 01227 280502 email

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