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IEP Manager

Write Individual and Group Education Plans and Reviews

Empower class teachers, tutors or assistants to produce professional Individual and Group Education Plans and reviews – fast.

With access to nearly 5000 targets, suggestions for actions, and success criteria, IEP Manager is the latest secure online web application from Blue Hills Software.


Record multiple current memberships of Group Plans for individual pupils. All of a pupil's targets in his or her different Group Plans can be drawn together in one summary document. Monitor all the pupil memberships of Group Plans by year group.


Make writing education plans a collaborative activity. Involve teachers, managers, pupils. Secure server logins offer remote access via the internet for all those with appropriate permissions. With no need to copy data onto memory sticks to share, confidential pupil information remains safe and secure. Links with SIMS, RM Integris, iSAMS, Arbor, CMIS and other MIS for automatic scheduled data uploads of pupil and staff details.


Support and motivate individual pupils by setting challenging targets, personal to their needs. Searchable target databases provide curriculum targets for English, Maths and ICT up to the end of Key Stage 3. Social, emotional and behaviour targets focus pupils and teachers on overcoming barriers to learning. EAL targets support new pupils in becoming part of the learning community. Gifted and talented targets ensure the most able pupils are challenged to fulfil their potential.

Professional plans for individuals or groups

An intuitive interface...specially written target databases...collaborative working...just some of the powerful IEP Manager features that will help teachers and SENCOs to prepare and share education plans.

  • Produce personalised learning plans for any pupils
  • Access Secondary and Primary target databases for Literacy, Maths, Behaviour, Communication, Early Years, Gifted and Talented, EAL
  • List pupils with plans and see details of pupils' individual needs in the Pupil Database or register
  • Save all previous plans for every pupil providing a complete history when needed
  • Get review date reminders on log in
  • Access external specialists' database for Action Plus plans
  • Link to your school's MIS: optional integration with SIMS, RM Integris, Arbor, iSAMS and ScholarPack offers automatic scheduled import of pupil and teacher information through a small additional desktop application
  • Import IEPs from your old IEP Writer software

Fully web based: secure access with ease

Securely hosted in England using dedicated servers, IEP Manager revolutionises the way teams can review, work with and collaborate on Education Plans.

  • Create useful documents ALL staff can benefit from
  • Share targets and strategies with read-only access
  • Set permissions for different user groups
  • No software to install, all updates made centrally
  • 8-8 telephone support from enhanced CRB checked Blue Hills staff
  • Daily backups

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Primary, Middle, Special schools

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Secondary schools

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    Annual MIS integration:

  • £65 Primary, Middle, Special schools
  • £125 Secondary Schools

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